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      Hello everyone!  This is Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, and welcome to the Triumphant Artists Web Forums!Firstly, my email is, and that email remains accessible (for now), so if you want to send a question, comment or whatever, or wish to hire me to do some creative work locally or from a long distance, feel free to contact me there.While I'm sure many of you are here with good intentions, some of you have abused not only the email address but also my phone number, sending strings of junk text messages. The worst was some woman who apparently used my phone number as theirs when a guy asked for her number, she gave them mine, which resulted in some weirdness from some random dude stalking me by text message thinking I was a young woman (?).  I'm pulling the phone number from this page.  I'll still give you the phone number if you request it, but only if you email me with something that seems like a real person wrote it and put a bit of thought into it, basically anything other than spam.I live in Houston, Texas, near the University of Houston where I got my degree.  I'm open to conversing with all of you on these forums and answering whatever questions you might have about my sites, my projects, etc.  I'm checking these forums about once a week even though they are not very busy at all yet.I'm willing to do a lot of artistic tasks for less than minimum wage; usually $4.80/hour plus any project-specific materials [a possibility depending on the nature of the project] Please don't attempt to spam/scam me though... that's a waste of my time and yours.Secondly, I'd like to thank everyone for digging through the links on my network enough to even find this, so I'll toss you all a few exciting deals just to say thank you.There's a $5 off coupon on all my Etsy listings, which is applicable until the end of Summer 2017.  The code is 5BUCKSOFFMYETSYSHOP.There's also a code for 25% off anything on the shop (plus free shipping). The coupon code is 25poll.I tried polling everyone about what they wanted me to shift emphasis to but response was minimal so I'm shutting that down.  But the coupon code remains valid for the duration of 2017.If you email me with the subject line 'Join Mailing List' I'll add you to my monthly MailChimp website email list [end of every month], and there's usually something cool displayed there before anyone else sees it.  Maybe a coupon code, early access to or views of a project before official release, stuff like that.  Or you can follow the feeds on my social media page, keep tabs on my blog, etc.Finally, thank you all for being a fantastic audience and showing so much enthusiasm.  I'll be releasing some great stuff soon so keep watching!
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    • 1 year, 7 months ago