BENEFITS AT THE $1/month tier include:

-29% off all orders placed on the shop

-All the paid content on matthornb.itch.IO for free.

-‘associate producer’ credit in all my posted videos and games, as long as you’re still a supporter.

At the $4/month tier, I ship stuff to you fairly regularly. Like video collections on DVD, artbooks, handmade artworks, etc. Plus there’s 42% off all items on this shop, not 29%. And more credits, executive producer, your name carved into a ‘Miniature Multiverse’ monument, and you get to choose an image and text to be included in a world of ‘Panoramic Worlds’. Oh, and any games I release on Steam, you get that copy too, not just the Itch.IO version.

Incidentally, now would be an interesting time to jump in as many videos will be posted about a month or so from now. If you want to be credited in a ton of my videos, that is an option! Also note – if you contributed to any of my videos as a cast member, or provided a location, and you’d rather not have your role appear in the project, I can obfuscate your face, voice, etc, if necessary, to avoid humiliation/embarrassment. [I can create a pseudonym for you too so you’re not credited!] But you need to contact me now, in the next 30 days, otherwise that stuff gets posted as is.  And once it’s online… it’s online, and I cannot easily let the genie out of the bottle, so to speak.

If you want to request a particular piece of content be held off the internet, please contact me asap on the forums of this site, or by whatever social media connections we may have. [email, FB, etc]