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  • 18% off all physical products ordered from the shop, as long as you’re a member.  This is done with a coupon code that changes twice a month and which is only available to registered members.  The coupon is compatible with the other codes like the ‘25% off your first order’ code seen on the Poll page, and the loyalty rewards program which gives you points back on every purchase for future ones.
  • 16% off all my Etsy listings, a members-only Etsy coupon code compatible with the $5 off coupon on the Poll Page so… those discounts can absolutely be stacked to get really absurdly cheap art from me! Before that I had some other deal available to members which was Etsy related, but that’s now defunct in favor of the newer and easier method.
  • 30% off all digital download products on requiring customization.  For example, 30% off a downloadable virtual gallery program using your own custom photos.  Or 30% off the ad slots which are about to be posted on three of my domains.  That means you will be able to rent space on my web network to show your own messages and link to your own website – and you can do that cheaply!
  • 100% off all standardized digital-download products that would otherwise be sold.  So when I release DVDs and BluRays with either video collections, new stock media collections, or video game installers, you would get all the files of those discs as free downloads.  You could then burn them onto your own local discs and play the videos on your TV or computer, etc.  This also includes all DLC in games, add-ons, updates, iAP, everything I release that is digital and doesn’t require personal customization, including current versions of Miniature Multiverse [yes, it’s a thing that actually exists – over time since the Kickstarter failed in 2011 I gathered miniature supplies, a better 20-megapixel camera, and a lot of Unity assets, and actually built a viable start for Mini Multiverse!] and the House Trek DVD files[this also is pretty much ready to launch], both aimed at a Sep. 10, 2017 release. [As of the most recent update on Sept. 6!]
  • Credit text of your choice, maximum length of 72 characters, attached to any digital video or video game/interactive media products released during your subscription.  The main exception would be the YouTube vlog entries.
  • Exclusive previews of upcoming projects often weeks before the finished projects are released, on posts with the ‘subscribers’ tag that only members can view.  So extra teaser video clips, screenshots, concept art, etc, in the lead-up to impending releases.  Some of this stuff will be available to members before anyone else, even those on the email list, or the social media feeds.
  • Access to a monthly online video chat session which I will attend, at the end of each month, as soon as there actually are any members subscribing*.  I know this hasn’t really been a thing so far, but it will be active once the first wave of subscribers join.  It will run from 3 pm to 7 pm CST, on a day late in the month of my choice, which I’ll announce early on each month to the members list.  You can, as a member, drop in on part of that and ask questions, voice complaints, make comments, etc.  I’ll respond as best I can.

The prices are really low on this, it is not a big commitment, the prices won’t go up though EVER and if you find any of the numerous benefits appealing, you should join right now using PayPal which is recommended for this website as it’s the most secure option, adding additional safety on top of the SSL system integrated on this website.  (And if you change your mind and want to stop your subscription, you can cancel at any time easily.)

There are currently a number of things accessible only to members and since no members have signed on yet, they are essentially not visible to anyone yet. You could be the first person other than myself to benefit from some of this stuff!  And it’s safe to be a member; not just for the technical reasons stated above, but because I have a pretty awesome reputation as a vendor. Look at my eBay ratings, I have about 200 ratings on my eBay account by now, a lot of people have bought items from me and the ratings there are 100% positive!

But as good as those eBay deals have been for customers – there are other bigger opportunities and cheaper prices that are going completely ignored by those viewers who only pay attention to my stuff on eBay.  Those other opportunities [on Etsy and HornbostelProductions] are even better for the subscribing premium members, which is why I’m practically begging you to be among the first to join so I won’t have set all this cool subscriber stuff up for no reason.

Price: $0.56/month or $4.99/year [about 30% less per year than the monthly option]