Release schedules [Miniature Multiverse]

In answer to some valid questions about the Itch.IO release vs. free version vs. the benefits of being a member on this website, the plan looks like this:

Sept. 2017: Vyrsul, Pryme & Lokus, made available both to members on and also Itch.IO.  I know I’d said the members would get access to new content before anyone else, but that’s mainly true with updates, not the intial release.  As for free non-paying visitors, nothing released for them in September as far as Miniature Multiverse goes except for some video content from the project and a few screenshots.  Sorry!

November 2017: An update with some new content [scope of first update is TBD, depends on success of launch] hits for members, then for Itch.IO customers a week or two later.

December 2017: A free version of the program [demo] released on, which contains only Lokus*

January 2018: Update two, with more worlds made available for members, with release of it on Itch.IO a couple weeks later.

February 2018: Launch will have taken place on Steam by this point.  All three initial worlds available for free [maybe] at end of this month.

After that time, the rate of production will be evaluated further. If the project is failing horribly as a sale item, it might be shut down here, and not get more than the initial two updates… or ultimately no more than seven worlds in all.  If moderately popular, it’ll keep on going, and if it’s doing really well it may actually expand the rate of production to updates of 4-5 worlds per update, not two.  In this case, there could be about 20-25 worlds in ‘Miniature Multiverse’ by end of 2018.

There’s a possible growth spiral and I aspire to make that a reality, where the more updates, the better the product looks to people and the more sales it makes, thus funding more updates, and so on.  If I can get things going in that way that would be awesome.