House Trek : the Original Series on DVD & BluRay


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You can view most of the House Trek content for free already on, and all of the material on this DVD that isn’t already there, will be posted there soon.

That site will soon give you the entirety of the DVD files – making-of featurettes, animated menu transitions, etc – but not a physically assembled and shipped DVD with a physical disc, case, full-color disc art, cover art, etc. You can play the download-version DVD files with any DVD player app, or burn them onto your own disc locally for playback on a TV set.

So – in effect – the payment is just for the convenience of having the files burned by me, onto a DVD or BluRay disc, and shipped to you. That and, it will help fund my future projects, much like being my supporter on Patreon, or buying content from me on eBay, Etsy, or on Itch.IO.



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