House Trek : the Original Series on DVD & BluRay

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You can view most of the House Trek content for free already on, but this version is more convenient, all in a standard DVD-video format with less compression, or even BluRay with full 720p HD resolution!

The DVD version also is available for download if you want to order the files in downloadable form, for $0.99. That gives you the DVD files – making-of featurettes, animated menu transitions, etc – but not a physical DVD with a physical disc, case, full-color disc art, cover art, etc. You can play the downloaded DVD files with any DVD player app, or burn them onto your own disc locally for playback on a TV set.

Recall the message stated earlier – I’m moving to Pittsburgh soon, and in any long-distance travel scenario there’s a risk of some damage to electronics. So I really am counting on all members of my audience to step in and buy *something* either here or on eBay to minimize the potential for catastrophic, possibly unrecoverable data loss. If you all pitch in I’ll be able to have multiple local backups of all files, on a bunch of different hard drives, and that will minimize the risks for any content I’m unable to back up into the cloud in time. If you want my stuff to be safe… and all my projects to someday be FINISHED, I’m practically begging you to buy something from me on this shop, or on my eBay shop, or soon, on Itch.IO.



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