Acrylic Painting, Made to Order


One of a kind handcrafted acrylic artwork on canvas based on the subject of your choice, shipped directly to you.

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-I will do my best on every art piece that’s ordered but of course the bigger it is and the higher the price the more detailing will fit into it well.  It’s not advised to request, for example, a family portrait on a really small size item.  The detail won’t be enough to make the people in the work clearly recognizable.  Faces are tricky to get right even in good circumstances and it’s worse on a miniscule surface area.  If you insist on highly intricate fine detailing, the best media for small work would be the colored pencil, and pastel pencil artworks,  then the acrylic and gouache media as next best, and least recommended would be oil pastel, though that medium does have advantages in terms of dense, vibrant color.

-At the bottom of this listing are some examples of the work I’ve already done for customers.  Many people have requested pet portraits, especially in acrylic, but I will paint nearly any subject you, as the customer, request provided it is not illegal or highly disturbing in nature.

-I may take a digital photo of the work and show it as an example of past work unless you request otherwise.   But whether this is the case or not, the handcrafted original WILL be yours to keep, display, gift, resell, etc.

-I accept PayPal as a transaction method and encourage its use; the transactions are secure (COMODO SSL security and encryption integrated on this entire site) and refunds are available within 60 days of the order placed.  My eBay shop has, at this moment, 169 ratings, all positive.  100%.  That is a good indicator of the exceptional value and reasonable services I offer to my customers.

If you are dissatisfied with the work I send you, I will attempt to redo the work or refund the sale amount, whichever you prefer, up to the 60 day mark.  Please do not abuse this option; if a large percentage of customers are exploiting the refund policy it may be revoked… and in the worst case the shop and my projects might shut down.   Note that I want to finish a bunch of fun mini games and video projects, and release most of them as free downloads on my websites, and that the shop here and the similar one on eBay are my biggest source of funding to make those projects happen.  So your decisions here DO affect what released creative content I am able to complete for everyone, and how quickly I’m able to complete it.  I would like to have all that stuff entirely accessible for free but maybe with optional added hard copies [offline installers or DVD videos] available on DVD/Blu-Ray through this shop.  I believe you – the audience, and customers shopping here – are mostly good people and will not inflict massive losses on me such that the websites and my creative efforts thrive and expand and don’t simply die a slow death.

-I usually make the paintings on a basic canvas material and non-paint items on paper.  These are in big rolls of bulk material and they are cut to order based on the requested dimensions.   I ship the finished work in tubes if it’s really big, or mailers if it is a more moderate size.  The artworks are signed on the back and often wrapped in wax paper in the case of pastels.  Allow around 2 weeks for the order to arrive after it’s placed.  It may take about 3 days or more if it’s a big item, plus around a week to ship.

– You will need to email me with any directions you have about what subject you want me to base the artwork on, and if the subject(s) chosen include a particular person, place, pet or item, that is obscure and not publically known, you may need to send one or more images so I know what the subject looks like.  I don’t know your family, your pets, your home, etc, so don’t ask me to make an artwork of them without giving me any clue what they look like, because in that case I’ll almost certainly get the depiction wrong!

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4" by 6", 5" by 7", 8" by 10", 9" by 12", 11" by 14", 12" by 16", 16" by 20", 18" by 24", 24" by 36", 36" by 48"


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