2023 Complete Collection – Stock Video, 3d assets & Textures – DVD or digital


The Triumphant Artists Complete Collection 2022.

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Want affordable, royalty-free stock media – video elements, 3d models, and seamless textures that are easy to use in your own VFX/gamedev/3d animation projects?

Do you want epic explosions and cool visual effects elements in your indie videos, but don’t want to risk burning yourself setting off live pyrotechnics?

Or textures based on real world photography, modified for use in 3d scenes with seamlessly tiling diffuse maps, plus [in many cases] bump maps, normal maps, specular and opacity/transparency maps, saving you a ton of time on your 3d art?

Or a wide variety of efficiently-made 3d plants and scenery models for your 3d-art landscapes?

Or maybe you’re just one of those people who’d like to help support the production of my video games and video projects by buying something?

I’ve got a great option for you – all of the stock-media content seen elsewhere on https://matthornb.itch.io, as of Summer 2022 (recently updated!), on a single DVD, including download keys for the Itch.IO equivalents, so you can take advantage of any and all future updates there.


Explosions, fire, smoke, water splashes, debris bursts, all sorts of exciting, action-packed elements that I’ve recorded at high speed (60 – 120 fps) in HD quality! They are all easy to composite; I’ve already matted and masked and rotoscoped out virtually all the background visuals, replacing that with flat, black or blue background so you can quickly use them in your preferred compositing app, just drop the layer in, select the ‘add’ blend mode and boom! – a realistic and very impressive-looking blast of fire right in your video project!

This is a vast improvement over the previous 2018 collection:

Triumphant Artists
Complete Collection 2018 stock media DVD


I mean, think about it, we’re now talking about 2600+ texture files, 180+ video files, 200+ 3d assets… this is all for $11.99 so less than a penny per included element! Or just $1.99 for all the content delivered digitally.

(On my shop on https://matthornb.itch.io, the standard pricing is over $30 for all collections, unless they’re on sale, and the shipped DVD is less than that, AND includes both the hard copy and the digital downloadable updates.)

Usually, I ship any ordered DVD within 48 hours of purchase, and it typically arrives a week after that. If you place an order and have any issues, I’ll do whatever I can to address them. Note my 430+ positive ratings as an eBay vendor, 130+ positive reviews on Etsy, and minimal negatives on them both (or Itch, for that matter). It’s a clear indication that I take customer service seriously.

Better yet – you can place orders on the HornbostelProductions.com shop using PayPal, which means your personal details are protected from us or any third party that might try to access them. (This shop’s been SSL secured for years and all transactions are encrypted with industry-standard Comodo SSL encryption.)

If you want this DVD so you can use these various elements in your own projects, that’s great, you won’t need to credit us, and it’s totally fine. So go right ahead and order the DVD (or the digital-download version if you want a better price and you’d like to have the content in a matter of just minutes, not days.)

Have fun making your next indie blockbuster game or video!


(As usual, Patreon supporters get *massive* discounts on anything on this store, highest backer tiers actually get 42% off all orders.)


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Dimensions11 × 8 × 1 in
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DVD shipment, Download only


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